Friday, December 31, 2010

The Christmas letter that never was...

As 2010 is nearing it's end I thought I would share the "Christmas letter" that never was. Ok I wrote this in November to enclose with our Christmas cards...Which I decided to not send (in order to save money). I had thought of sending them as New Year's "updates" to our friends and family but didn't do that either. It is a wonderful yet short recap of what the McClendon's have been up to. I am not editing it for bloggy purposes so it is what it is. Enjoy and Happy New Year to you all!!!

Greetings Family and Friends it has been a couple years since we last sent out a little note of what we have been up to! We are so excited to take a minute so you can all catch up. This past year a lot of great things happened so what better time than now for an update.

Michael is still hard at work at the same company. Logging 11 years this past June. It is great to still have a job after the rough ups and downs of our economy. Hollie has been hard at work with PTO, church, new volunteer endeavors, sewing, and of course child rearing! We led our family on a wonderful trip to West Virginia to participate in a United Methodist Conference called Aldersgate. It was a wonderful time and we look to make it a yearly tradition no matter the ever-changing location.

Jesse turned 10 this year and is a “senior” at her elementary school. It is hard to believe she will be in middle school next year. We are over the moon happy to report all A’s! After a jammed packed school year last year Jesse decided to drop dance and make gymnastics her main focus with a lot of swim team and soccer mixed in!

Duece turned 6 this year and had a milestone of his own…he is the “freshman” at their elementary school. He too has worked really hard and we couldn’t be happier about all A’s from him. Duece like Jesse added swim team to his agenda and he LOVED it. The child who never liked sports has found his niche! YAY He too still enjoys gymnastics. He and Jesse are both still actively involved in children’s choir and other areas of our church.

Cooper celebrated his 2nd birthday. As a matter of fact the last “update” letter we sent he hadn’t even been born yet! He started preschool at Kiddie Kollege this fall and is in love with it and his teachers. This sweet little boy has added so much to our family.

WOW, a lot has happened and we wish we could share it all. We hope we hit all the highlights! 2010 has been a wonderful year and we know God is going to do even greater things in 2011 and we can’t wait to see what they are. We leave you with many wishes of a wonderful and blessed Christmas season! Until next year…

Much Love,
Michael, Hollie, Jesse, Duece, and Cooper
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