Sunday, February 22, 2009

My little list

Some people who are reading this blog know me really well and other not so much... If you know me you know my hubby says I am a list-a-holic. I make list on list on list it is my thing I don't know why I do it or why I started. But it seems like my whole life is a big long list. My little blue planner is full of lists this is one of my OCD traits. But I thought I would put those skills to good use and share a couple of my favorite things maybe they can help you or even give you a laugh.

1.Fisher Price Cradle Swing- Michael and I recommend it to all of our friends with babies, Cooper is still using his don't know what we will do when he out grows it.
2. Mr.Clean cleaner with Febreeze you can clean anything with it. I bought the spray bottle of it once and now when I run out buy the big bottle and dilute it for refills.
3. Scrubbing Bubbles and Magic Eraser- spray scrubbing bubble in shower/tub let sit about 10 min then just wipe with eraser and rinse try it you'll never go back to anything else.
4. My $7 planner from wal-mart it is the best.
5. Bath and Body Works hand sanitizer any scent
6. Southern lights candles.
7. My new translation of the Bible- The Message
8. The $5 car wash with free vac in town
9. Burt's Bee's
10. Ink pens and note pads (how else do you think I make all of those lists)


Carseat shopping...And Growing Pains (yes they go together)

So last week our youngest (Cooper) went for a check up. He was going for the six month once over. Actually considering he was 5 weeks early they check him more as a 4.5 or 5 month old and will continue to adjust like that until he is about 2. He checked out just fine not rolling over yet but hitting his mark everywhere else. He weighed in at 16 pounds 27 inches long. So my pediatrician said it was time to start shopping for a new car seat since our seat weight limit was 22 pounds. He recommended the Britax Marathon. And I almost just went ahead and bought it but decided to research and ask around first. And boy am I glad I did. I just didn't know how many convertible seats where out there and the price range is wide. I spent hours (yes, hours) looking at seat after seat on line and asked almost all of my friends with young ones what seats they had used and the pros and cons. I kept hearing the same thing about the Britax-it is a great seat with a high weight limit but most kids out grow it before they reach the weight limit. So i searched on and on. I was so surprised how many different kinds there was to choose from out there now. I found one I really like that could be re-facing, forward facing up to 40 lbs and then be a booster and I read alot of reviews and thought it was going to be the one for us until I read other reviews at another website. I realized it was not the one for us and the search continued. A couple of hours later I found "THE ONE". It is the True Fit by The First Years, I read all the reviews I could find on it and only found a couple "bad" ones about how it was hard to install re-facing in small cars (not a problem for us we have a van). So the decision was made we are getting it for Cooper and we can't wait. Only problem is new seat means he is growing up and I am not so sure I am ready for my little baby to grow up it is happening way to fast. I was not prepared for how fast this time was going to go by. I didn't remember the time passing so fast with the other two and this makes me a little sad! I know it is going to happen but where does the time go and the "growing pains" are worse for mommy then for baby. And the more I think about Cooper not being a baby anymore the more I think about how Jesse-Grace will be driving soon and Duece will be having girlfriends and how before we know it this will all be a blur of memories. I think that for now I am going to seize the day and enjoy this time because one day it will all be over. Ugh what's after all of that grandkids don't think I can even imagine my sweet little ones with little ones of their own.

Saturday, February 21, 2009


"Just because something is fireproof doesn't mean wont get burned!"

Tonight we showed Fireproof at our church as a kick off the to book study Fireproofing your Marriage. Michael and I waited until tonight to watch it for the first time and it was amazing. Michael and I have a pretty good marriage but this movie really makes you examine how you treat each other. It was an awesome experience and I recommend it to any married or about to be married person out there! We can not wait to start the study. I will have to tell you I am thinking about buying the book (Love Dare) that they use in the movie and working it at the same time as doing the Fireproof study, I think it could strengthen any marriage. For more info on the movie or book it has alot of great info. I just wanted to share this with all my married friends it was a wonderful bonding experience.

Friday, February 20, 2009

They like Jesus and not the Church...


Okay so many of my close friends know that my husband and I have been in a bible study for the past 5 weeks. We joined because the name "They like Jesus and not the Church" sounded so thought provoking to us! And so we joined not really knowing what we were in for and hoping it would be a blessing to us. Boy were we surprised when we realized that this study lead us to really examine our own views and closed mindedness.

I have always thought of us as young, hip, and open minded. But I have never been more wrong through this study I have learned I am alot more judgement then I ever knew. This study asks you to " step " out of the "Christan Bubble" and see how others view us and the church. The 6 week study included video clips and discussion on the following topics (really questions) and in this order....

1. The Danger of the Christan Bubble

2. Is the Church Negative, Judgmental, and Political

3. Does the Church Restrict and Oppress women

4. Is the Church Homophobic

5. Do Christan's Arrogantly Think All other Religions are wrong

6. Are Christan's fundamentalists who take the whole Bible Literally

Now I don't know about you but each one of those really got me thinking about how judgmental I really am. We only have one more week to go and I just thought I would share those questions with all my Christan friends. I think it we all should think about something... How Non-Christians see us Christians?

For anyone who is wondering how I answer these questions I will share shortened versions of the answers we discussed in our class. A short disclaimer to all these are my opinions and or how I see things not the churches views/answers. I know not everyone will agree with me or my opinions but... I wanted to share these 6 questions to provoke thought among all kinds of people we all need to be a little more sensitive to each others views and respect them. That said here I go (I am not going to rewrite each question I am only going to use its number from above.)

1. I think most Christians are in a bubble we don't really want to get out of. It is comfortable and we like it. We don't want to do anything that might upset other Christians and or Non-Christians. I think after this study I learned the "bubble" might be hindering me from doing God's will for me.

2. I think alot of Christians are negative, judgmental, and political yes. But I think we all are in alot of was all of the above. I know we are judgmental I have experienced judgement in the church. My only really answer to this that Jesus hung out with all kinds of people whores, drunks, tax collectors, all kinds of "bad" people. These are the people who need the "church" the most so why do we judge them. And as for being political I am not going there I don't think they even go together that is just my opinion.

3. I think some churches do restrict women, but in my church and our household I have never experienced this. I am sure others could share more on this topic.

4. Homophobic... Well this class was interesting! And the only thing we talked about that stood out and is worth sharing is that Jesus loves me and Jesus loves you. But I know there are verses in the Bible against it but aren't we suppose to love the person and not the behavior.

5. I think answering this question is tricky. I am open and I know there are other faiths and I believe we all have the right to believe what we want. My faith is in Jesus Christ. I take the verse from John pretty seriously... John 14:6 I am the way, the truth and the life. But, like I said everyone has the right to believe what they wish and that is okay with me.

6. Considering we have not gotten to this question in class yet I will share what I think. I do not take my Bible literally I don't think it was meant to be taken that way. Not to include the times have changed.

I hope that by sharing this it will provoke discussion so we can all be a little more understanding of people and their "culture" (Culture=way of life)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thankful Thursday

I am so stealing this idea from another blog, but I so love it and wanted it to be a part of my blog! So I have decided to change it up a bit so it is more my own and I think I will do it every week. Since Thursday is the 4th day of the work week I think I will try to come up with 4 things I am thankful for. So here it goes...
1. I am thankful for my husband, even though neither one of us is perfect he is totally there for me and I know I am so blessed to have him.
2. I am thankful for my kids, they are a true pleasure!
3. I am thankful for my friends, they are a much bigger part of my life then I think any of them realize.
4. I am thankful for my home, I know it could be nicer (if I tried), could be cleaner (if I had willpower)...but it is mine and we have a place to live that is warm, big enough for us all, and it is full of love what more could I ask for!

Me Too!

Okay I have decided to let me inner follower come out... I am going to join the "blog world". I thought it would be a great way for friends and family to know what is going on in our lives. Plus I think it will be a wonderful creative outlet for me. I so enjoy reading my friends blogs and wanted to be a part of what seems to be alot of fun. I hope everyone will enjoy reading my post as much as I know I will enjoy writing them!