Thursday, December 16, 2010

Happy with simplicity

For quite some time now God has been transforming the hearts of both Michael and I... There so many details I want to share but am unable to but one thing I can say is simplicity is something we are working on right now. Most people assume that since I stay at home we are in some insane high tax bracket but it is the opposite we make sacrifices so I can be at home with our children. So simplicity is not a new concept but almost a way of life for me the happy with it part is what God has been working on me with. And now is starting to work on Michael about. We have always tried tiredly to "Keep up with the Jones" you know new car, nice clothes, bigger house, you get the idea. And for Michael simplicity to him means he isn't providing for our needs.
But I don't see it that way here is what God has done to my thinking of simplicity...

I for a long time thought about living simply was doing without or not having things you desire. But my God showed me otherwise. If He blesses me with a fortune it is not mine but His and I should use it to do His work furthering the Kingdom and blessing the socks off of people! RIGHT? I am to be in this world not of it. I want to put the "Jones and their stuff" aside and realize I could do more for my God and His Kingdom with a more simple state of mind. God is tugging on our hearts to do something big something different something that will take resources. And I KNOW that if I were more simple I could do just what He wanted of me. As Michael and I work to rethink how we see these things we are also training our children to be content with simplicity. I don't want children who are so consumed with what other have that they aren't able to see the true blessings in life. Because for me I was consumed with an appearance and not able to be who God was really calling me to be. Call me radical but I would rather have nothing and KNOW that I served my King and did exactly what He was calling me to do!

I leave you with this not because it has anything to do with my post but because I can't get it off my mind. My pastor in his sermon last Sunday said this and I can't stop chewing on it..."A family is a powerful tool in and for the Kingdom of God." As I said I can't stop chewing on this one this week. (Jeff I hope you don't mind me quoting you and I hope I didn't mess the quote up!)

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  1. Very well said, Hollie! May the Lord continue to bless your family! (Pam)