Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Sewing to save

I have decided to make both Jesse and Cooper's Easter outfits. I have been sewing for about a year now and my kids are wearing lots of things I have made them. At first I was sewing to be able "copy" some more expensive pieces I wanted for my kids. I am a fairly cheap person so you know I wanted the "look" for less! But considering the current state of our economy and the fact that it will not stop raining our income has been drastically reduced. So I have been sewing Cooper's John-Johns since last summer I can make him one for about $15 when one might cost around $40 in the stores. I have almost perfected the John-John to the point someone at church thought one of his was store bought:) HA I have also branched out I have made Jesse several different skirts and skorts, appliqued t-shirts for holidays, made Duece countless pairs of shorts, and well every John-John Cooper wears is made my your truly. I even made Cooper a diaper bag and also made the kids teachers Christmas gifts this year. I seem to be all over the place with this and not hardly related any of it to my title....Maybe I should have called this post sewing rambling! Ok I said all that to say this...Sewing can be expensive and time consuming but it can also save you tons of money and it is a way to better control the "style" your children wear. I have a friend who sews shorts for her handicap daughter so they better fit her. I know of people who sew so they can have a more modest dress for their child. I even know people who sew just to have fun. But here lately I have been sewing to save money. I do this by being a smart fabric shopper. If I like something and it is more that about $5 a yard I will wait until the store has a sale. I know some people think you should use more expensive fabric...But I can't I am doing this to save me money and so far it has. I have sewn Jesse 3 skorts at a total cost of about $15 that is 5 bucks each and shorts well those are cheap cheap it only takes 1 yard to make Duece a pair so if you are smart the cost about $4-5. I have already shared how much I save on John-Johns. And get this I will be making both Jesse and Cooper's Easter duds for....DRUM ROLL PLEASE about $20! Now that is saving if you ask me.
I have other ways I have been saving money and from now on I will be sharing them with you. Maybe my "tips" can help someone.

Friday, March 5, 2010


So I have just finished writing my first batch of little notes to send out snail mail...If you remember I posted about sending snail mail. So now I am on a mission to send out at least 2 random notes or thank yous a week! And of course if someone has a birthday I will send on then also. I love getting snail mail and I know these little notes will put a smile on someones face! Bringing back the handwritten note is my new if I needed another one:)

I am looking for suggestions on how to randomly select who and when to send these little gems. Feel free to leave a suggestion in my comments! Oh and be sure to message me your birthday and anniversary:) HA!

Show us your life-What is you typical day like?

Today I am linking up with Kellys Korner Blog...Every Friday she does "Show us you life." They topic changes every week and I liked this one so I am joining in!
My day normally starts between 5:30 and 6:00. I get up my Jesse and Duece and help them get ready for school. And if Cooper has woke during this time I get him changed and feed him breakfast. Jesse, Duece and Michael all leave around 6:45. Jesse and Duece ride the bus to school best thing I ever did! Once they are all gone I normally check email and Facebook. Then Cooper plays and watches a little T.V while I pick up and do "chores". And I normally start every day with a phone call either to or from my friend Lindsey. Depending on what time he has gotten up Cooper naps between 9 and 10 then usually gets up around 1 or 1:30 long I know! I use this time to shower and do more chores and sometimes even sew. When he gets up it is lunch then off to get big kids at 2:15. We are usually home by 3:10 then it is home work, their chores, and then afternoon activities. Which are as follows: Monday-Duece gymnastics Wednesday- Girl Scouts Thursday- this is the day I come home so sleepy I cant hardly function Jesse has dance from 3:30-5:00 then she has gymnastics from 6:00-7:00. My evening include diner, bathes and bedtime for all kids around 8 or 8:30! Once they are in bed Michael and I usually spend a little time on the computer, watch t.v, sew or just whatever TIME TO OURSELVES. I always have quite time just me and God the time of day at which I do this tends to vary day to day. Cooper and I also spend many days out and about either at my PTO meetings or playgroups or just out to be out! I also do volunteer work at my church and some other places so we can be busy sometimes. This is my life I am sure I left out all the good details. And I know it may seem boring but I love it!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Me-0 Enemy -1

I think this week takes the cake! I mean what else could happen. First Monday was Monday Cooper was whiny whiny on a trip to Hobby Lobby (love that place and loved that I had a gift card). On the way home from school Duece started to vomit and then when we got home Jesse joined in. For the next 24 hours the tummy virus had 2 more victims! I mean all I can say is YUCK and now "who is going to do all that laundry!" By Tuesday afternoon Duece was on the mend and I was so grateful for that. Michael ended up being off that day due to SNOW which I am so sick of...Days like that totally affect our income! And to top off Tuesday Cooper meet his Speech Language Pathologist. I thought he would show out real big and her leave telling us how smart he was and that her services were not needed. But NOPE we got different news...Our sweet boy has only mastered that of a 12 month old on language and on comprehension. All I know is I can't wait to be able to communicate with him with out us both walking away crying! Duece was able to go back to school today for Wacky Wednesday. I kept Jesse home to make sure she was all better. But this afternoon was the worst. Cooper wouldn't let me put him down, Jesse and Duece were fighting...I seriously thought they might hurt each other. So I sent them to separate corners. The best part of today was Jesse and Duece got to go and pick up their new glasses YAY:) Today's or this weeks cherry on top...My washer died I mean completely UGH! I have already solved this problem thanks to a wonderful friend who had a "spare"one in her shop. I am so excited to get it up here this weekend and wash this laundry mountain.

My momma said there'd be days like these...days like these my momma said! (Isn't that a song) I know most of you don't really care what kind of week I have had. But, I wanted to use this as a chance to share about the Enemy! You know the Bible says he is sent here to steal, kill and destroy. And sometimes it seems he is working over time in my life and in yours. We are not to fear God is just one bent knee or bowed head away. I know I am saying all of this to myself mostly. I just think sometimes we need to remember to put the enemy in their place. I thought he had won this time...But no way! My God is here to help me through ANYTHING broken washer and all. He wants me to ask him about everything in my life. I think sometimes that is my problem I don't always ask HIM for advice even when I know I should. Tomorrow is a new day and the score board will be wiped clean! So watch out Satan I am back and I have an army to protect me!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Snail Mail

This morning I spent a while writing thank you notes to all the sweet people who lifted us up after Michael's PawPaw passing. And as I was doing so I remembered just how much I loved getting something other than bills in my mail box. So I am trying to come up with some kind of system to help me stay on task...But I would like to send no less then 2 cards to friends or family each week. I think it would really brighten a persons day and also be a good way to keep in touch with each other. I personally love nothing more than a magazine coming, a sweet note or a funny article someone cut out and mailed to me! I will keep you up to date on how this goes. Maybe I will inspire someone else to do the same. I have a friend Brandy who is so good at this. I would love to be more like her. So if you get a message from me asking for your mailing address or birthday or anniversary just play along. I KNOW this will be a true blessing to someone!