Friday, January 14, 2011

Just because I needed reminded how wonder our God is...

The past couple weeks have been rough as Michael is in the market for a new job and so many things are up in the air for our family. I decided after God had worked in a powerful way this week that I wanted to share for the first time something amazing God had done for me a couple months ago. I might one day share what HE did this week but for now I want to share this as a reminder to myself and all of you how wonderful our God is...

As you know my family for the past 2 summers has traveled out of state to a United Methodist Conference on Spirit-filled living "Aldersgate". It is a wonderful time with like minded people who share our faith, love and belief in the miracle working, powerful, supernatural GOD! On the second day ( I think) the morning speaker was Randy Clark. I actually got to ride the hotel shuttle to the conference center with him but of course didn't introduce I wish I had! Anyway Randy gave a wonderful talk sharing testimony about some almost unbelievable things God was doing in his ministry. He told of some people "being healed of metal in their bodies." "Hum," I thought my body is full of metal (from a car accident sum 10 years ago) could God heal me of this and all my pain? So at the end Randy asked all those in the room with metal in their bodies to stand he offered a sort of mass prayer over those standing that God would heal their pain and/or even make the metal disappear (as HE had seen before). He said if we saw any improvement at all to clap....Well I didn't feel improvement right away but I stood there as Randy prayed more, Michael with his hand on my leg praying and me in all my faith believing God could heal ME! It was on my way out to get my children after the session as I climb some stairs that I realized I didn't hurt, my knee wasn't swollen and I had some feeling there where there hadn't been. I waited until we walked 3 blocks to get some lunch to tell Michael and our children. I was stunned, they were stunned but we were so thankful. I had been in pain from this for just shy of 10 years at the time of the healing. At lunch I shared the good news with my pastor and his wife and some other traveling with us. That was in July I still do NOT have pain in that knee. Yes there are days when I am tired and have pressed my body to far that I realize that my knee is tired but not painful! God healed my knee. I still have metal but no pain. I think I needed to praise God for that today and share it with you.

God can still work miracles HE is not out of the business. He is supernatural, powerful, breathtaking, all knowing, mighty and the Most high. I think sometimes I get so caught up in what is going "wrong" in my life that I need to remember the works HE has done for me. I praise his name now and forever!


  1. I need some of that holy healing for my blamed tennis elbow! Nothing else has worked so maybe a laying on of hands session might do the trick!

    Love that you're still pain-free in that knee! That's one less impediment to doing that 5K with Jesse-Grace.

  2. Amen! I just need to get my rear back walking/ running to prepare for that 5K. And If you ever want me to lay hands on you of course I will!

  3. That's a wonderful testimony. Thank you for sharing what God did at the #Aldersgate Conference. May the Lord continue to bless you and your family.

    Pam D.