Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I did it on a budget

I am so proud of myself, I even asked Michael if I could have an award this Christmas. Our extreme frugality has been in practice around here for a bit and I was trying that concept on in regards to Christmas. I sat down last night and figured out how much we had spent this year and was stunned that we came in just under $700. That includes all 3 of our children and the zillions of other gifts we give like to teacher, Sunday school teachers, and such. Of course I made a lot of gifts including stationary, etched containers, aprons and pjs. And I didn't send Christmas cards to anyone that wasn't family and didn't live out of state. I know some of you are thinking that my children will suffer or that others received junk from us but it wasn't so. Of course the norm was practiced with the children receiving 3 gifts each just like the baby Jesus did and one "group" gift. This allows us to get them 3 great gifts and not 20 little things. We like it and they do to... and since we don't do Santa around here it is well understood how it all works! I was happy to start getting the focus on the true reason for the season and not so much on "stuff." (Remember God is working with me on this big time) I am excited to see every ones faces when they open the gifts I have made for them or painstakingly picked out for them. I am happy to spread a little more of the "It's the thought not the gift" spirit around:)

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