Friday, December 24, 2010

His plan and not my own

With Christmas fast approaching Michael and I had some really tough decisions to make not to be taken lightly! I was stressed, overworked, depressed and BUSY. It was after explaining to my friend the effects some of those "changes" that I realized I was indeed busy but not in the way you are thinking I was B.U.S.Y...Being under Satan's yoke. I had somewhere in all of the overwhelming thoughts in my mind left my "easy yoke" and taken up another. She told me I needed to hold true to the things I knew God was promising and remember He is still in the miracle making business.

Why is it that I so easily fall victim to Satan's scheme? I don't know...But I do know the true miracle of Christmas the virgin birth of my savior is something amazing to celebrate. I guess you can say Satan got his way I felt I didn't have anything to celebrate...But I do!!! Jesus was born and died so that I would NEVER have to live in hell or suffer the true cost of my sin. I will stand on that and declare he (Satan) has no rule over my life, I will not live in fear and in this very moment of tough decisions I will take this opportunity to "live out my faith" so all can see! It is after all HIS plan and not my own...

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