Monday, December 26, 2011

Crazy Christmas Weekend

Ready to head to church to celebrate the birth of our Savior! I think my new favorite day for Christmas is Sunday!

I have really neglected this blog lately. But I have a great excuse...I have been enjoying my family this Christmas season. Our holiday hop as I nicknamed it this year started on Thursday when we loaded up and traveled 1 hour north to stay a couple days with my in-laws.

On the first night of our visit we made our way to Santa's Village. We aren't huge Santa people but this is a fun experience for the kids and my father-in-law joined us making it even more fun. I am so glad we went. Even though we don't do Santa at our house Cooper is amazed by him so it was a great experience for him since it was his first time to go. Fun was had by all that is for sure!

Everyone thought a picture in front of the post office would be fun...Until sneaky Cooper stuck his hand inside and pulled out a random kids letter to Santa!

Yeah almost no-body is looking anyone else with multiple children experience that?!?!?

Pictures with Santa. Cooper was amazed and really didn't talk. Duece asked for a dog! And Jesse proclaimed the best gift would be if we got a dog and send Dueces cat Joey to a new home...only my kids!

Duece really wanted Wuggle Pets...he was really excited to find those under the tree.

Look mom and dad "boom drums". Mom and dad now wonder what they were thinking of course it was the ONLY thing he asked for!

Jesse opening her knitting looms. Those made her day since she couldn't use her new pogo stick in the rain. I am waiting for her to create me something great.

I love our traditions and wouldn't change the way we do Christmas morning for anything. I love how appreciative our kids were and are. I am so proud of who they are becoming. But honestly the stress created by our hopping from family to family I could do without. Next year...we think we might go and serve meals at a soup kitchen instead!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Pinterest Finds

I don't know about you but I LOVE pinterest. It is my new obsession. I have found more craft, decorating, sewing and cooking ideas then one person can ever do;) But I can't help myself. My very favorite thing I have found on there are little treasures that save money. Because nothing is better then an idea or tip that puts money BACK in my pocket. So I decided to try a couple of my finds and see what I thought. So far I have made 3 different pinterest products. I thought I might share them with you so you can see what you think.

Fist I was out of lotion. Being prone to severally dry skin this time of year I use a ton of lotion and I have to by some rather expensive brands to get good smooth skin and results that last. This is the link I found on pinterest and the instructions I followed. For this I bought the following: 1 bottle baby lotion $1.50 Vaseline $2.50 Vitamin E Cream $4.20 Total:$8.20

I got a large bowl combined all the ingredients and mixed until the consistency of icing. The only thing that I had to measure was the Vaseline because the only tub of it I could find was 16 oz and you only need 8. It made a ton I refilled my empty lotion bottle, the vitamin e containers, and half the baby lotion bottle. I might get a nice big bottle to keep it in next time. My only tip not included in the above link is you might need a funnel to aide in filling you bottles but if you use a container with a lid no need for the funnel. I believe this should last a good long time. I am really enjoying using it and my skin is really soft!

Next I made these ice packs. It was really easy I use the cheap Dawn and snack size bags I already had here. It was really easy I just squirted the Dawn into the Ziploc removed all the air and double bagged it. Placed in the freezer and DONE! Since I used the left over Dawn from another project this one was FREE! We haven't needed them yet so you will have to check back to see what we think.

Last but not least I was out of scrubbing bubbles and it was for sure time to clean the bathrooms so I thought I might try these tub and shower spray I found. It was really easy and worked out to be rather cheap. I spent $1.28 on Dawn and $2.00 on a gallon of Vinegar. Total $3.28 but actually less when you consider that I can use the vinegar in other cleaners or to mop or as a rinse aid in my dishwasher and since I only used 8 oz of the Dawn I was able to make the ice packs. The only thing I did different from the recipe was I only used 8 oz of each since my bottle I had was small. I am going to clean the tub as soon as I post this so I will have to update on how well it does. **Update I tried it cleaned the kids bathroom and it worked wonders on the tub/shower I sprayed it on didn't really let it sit and wiped it off with a magic eraser**

So what have you found on pinterest lately that you have done?!? I would love to know.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Birthday Shout Out

Today I have to give a birthday shout out to my wonderful husband Michael. He is the best this makes 12 birthdays of his we have celebrated together. Back when we celebrated his 19th birthday by attending our town Christmas parade I would have never guessed 12 years later we would still be celebrating together. But God made us for each other to travel the road of life together. I could not have asked for a better partner. Michael is an amazing husband and father. He stops at nothing to make sure we all have what we need and want as of late working 7 days a week.

Michael I couldn't think of another person in this world to spend my life with. Happy Birthday praying we get many more together!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Music Therapy Christmas edition

Woot Woot it is here! My FAVORITE holiday...Christmas. To those who know me know that I love this season. I love my house decorated, I love spending time with the ones we love so dear and I love love love celebrating my saviors birth. I have shared before that the pain of loosing my mom so close to Christmas has caused a black cloud to loom during this time for me in years past. This year I waged war against that cloud and I am so excited about children are happy but since I even went as far as to decorate our cabinet doors the hubs thinks I have LOST IT!

As I mentioned I love celebrating my saviors birth. To me no matter what this is the true "reason for the season" I celebrate His very humble birth and the hope that His resurrection embodies that He will come again. Since I am now addicted to pandora (and pinterest but that is a post for another time) I created a station for Contemporary Christian Christmas songs. While listening to my newly created station I found this song by Third Day. It is GREAT and one of my newest Christmas music favs. Since I have so many I might have to do music therapy twice a week;) Enjoy the Christmas edition of MTT...and be sure to visit Lindsey for her Christmas countdown!