Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I will praise you in this storm...

Wow talk about a whirl wind week of events. Just as our Christmas celebrations came to an end, our food finally began to settle and just a day after the garbage truck took all the boxes away...Michael and I got a tough blow that we had been kind of expecting but at the same time praying God would prevent. Michael found out today (Wednesday) that he is going to be loosing his job after next Friday. After 11 years of hard work and dedication it is just going to be OVER. No chance at un-employment (as his boss didn't pay in) and no severance. Like I said it was not a huge shock but never-the-less it was tough pill to take. My first emotion as he told me was " I can't let the kids know I am upset, he can't know I am worried...Must keep it all in." That gave way to a sobbing break down what followed next surprised me I was ANGRY! I was mad that not only would his boss lose his company but our "rug" would also be pulled out from under us. So many hopes and dreams seemed to flash before my eyes. I think I could have spit nails that very moment. I guess I shouldn't have been surprised though as I prayed all afternoon for peace and understanding my anger was replace by these very words that sprang from my lips before I even knew I was speaking them out load..."God no matter what happens or how hard it gets we will continue to serve you and praise your wonderful name!" Oh yeah I said it and for a half a second as Michael looked at my I thought I had LOST my mind. But Michael said " I know Momma that is what it is all about we have to have faith!" Ha we were on the same page and knowing that made me feel so much better.

So looks like Michael is on the market or should I say in the market for a new job. I don't think either of us care about where it is or what the pay is as long as we aer all together with a roof over our heads, clothes on our backs and food to each God will work everything else out. It is scary but we know the only way not to worry ourselves to death is to hand this one over to the ONE who can fix it all because sometimes things are just so broken only our Daddy above can repair them for us. I know this road may not be easy but we have faith He will make a way and we are only speaking life into this situation because God's promises are real and we believe He can do the things he says he can do!

I am still worried about the zillions of changes this will bring on for us. I don't think Michael and I even know the fullness of those changes. I also worry about the kids I don't want this to impact them in such a way that they too become angry but I am handing that over to God also. I know what kind of kids I have been trying to raise and I believe they will be understanding and take things as they come all while praising the One above just as Michael and I do.

Nothing in this life is certain other than life and death. But I know a comforter that can help me through it all and you better believe that before our feet hit the pavement our knees will be hitting the ground for His direction.

One last thing please join us in prayer over this situation that Michael might find work easily and that I too might find something if need be, pray please that God would let His plan be worked out here and not our own. And please speak positive things over and into this for us. We love you all and are thankful to be surrounded with some wonderful friends and family.

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