Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Wow I didn't realize there wasn't many Thursdays in November. I have so much to be thankful for I am going to have a hard time getting it all in over the next two "Thursday" post. This week I am thankful for family. My wonderful husband and amazing children!

I have one amazing husband. He works a very hard physically demanding job rain, shine, hot or cold to provide for our family so I can stay at home. I have to say there is NOTHING easy about his job or the boss he has. But in this economy and his field of work that job in itself is something to be thankful for! After work he comes home and helps me with the children and even helps with the housework. He is so realistic in that he knows being a stay-at-home mom to 3 kids with full schedules and her own hectic schedule is a BUSY HARD JOB! He is very understanding if the rough end drags a little or alot and is always ready to help out and pick up my slack. He is also a pretty loving guy...Ok he is really loving! I can't imagine my life without him we as sappy as it sounds complete each other to make a PERFECT team. I know God hand picked us to be with each other. I am thankful for Michael in more ways than we have time to even list...I have a great man.

I am also thankful and count myself blessed by Gods unmeasurable favor to have 3 amazing children. All of which are healthy and mostly happy;) Jesse my oldest is a helper always willing to lend a hand no matter the task. She even helps look after Cooper is I need to take care of something or do a little "work". She is a eager learned both at school and home a wonderful student and a great friend to her mom! Duece my middle child (who has the middle child syndrome in the bag) is a really mommas boy I am so glad. He is a lover not always the most productive you should see his room and the number of tissues used to dry his tears during chore time! This kid stands up for what he believes in and is very kind and caring. Now Cooper...well he is 2!!!! And I think I could leave it there. Aside from fits and rages he is a pretty great kid very loving but all boy. And he loves him some football already I think that might actually be a prayer Micheal prayed that was answered. All joking aside I am blessed and feel like God was showing His favor on me by giving them to us! I hope that in the future He might show us a little more favor in this area;) Pick you lip up you knew that was coming!

And with out being too general I am thankful for family... parents, brothers and sister, in-laws, grandparents, cousins and all. I think we have been blessed and cursed in this area. While we have wonderful relationships with some of our family there are others we only see at holidays and it makes me sad. But we have friends who are like family and that is a wonderful blessing. But am a thankful for family no matter what. They are sometimes all you have.

I am also thankful for friends! This is one area I know we are so very blessed. As stated above we have friends who are like family to us. They always make up for any lacking family relationships and support us so much. We love them more than any of them even know they are a very big part of our life!

We are not only thankful but also blessed!

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