Thursday, November 4, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Today is the start of Thankful Thursday's leading up to Thanksgiving. I can't remember if I did this on my blog last year or just did a long one on Thanksgiving but anyway. I will do one a week but might be thankful for several things.

This week I am thankful for...

My Heavenly Daddy! I am thankful for salvation through him and the many many blessing in my life. I am thankful that He loves me even when I am not worthy. I am thankful He has a plan for my life. And I am very thankful that He is not finished with me yet.

I am also thankful for a wonderful church family to be part of. My church is in Holy Spirit Revival and it is amazing...We have seen all kinds of works and wonders and God is transforming and entire congregation! I love my church.

In reference to yesterdays post on being radical...I think all Christians are suppose to be that way. As my friend Lindsey's mother put it "You almost have to be a total Jesus Freak!" I don't know about you but I want that to be me:) I want to be able to shout it from the roof tops there is someone who will calm all your fears, ease all you pain, take all your worry, has a healing hand, a loving embrace, and when He shows up things get done! Radical...I shall be!

*Third religious post this week...Guess you can tell what is on my mind:)

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