Friday, November 12, 2010

Picture Blog For Mom

Because I wanted to honor my mom today I thought I would share pictures of her along her life. I unfortunately don't have as many as I would like to have but she really didn't like having her picture taken. I hope you will enjoy and I hope for family it brings back all the good memories you might.

Mom and Dad while in the fall before I was born in January.
Mom hiding her face of course with me! I am not sure how old I was here but I think Cooper kind of looks like me here.

This is a 1989 throw back Adam is about 1. Mt.Calvary church directory pic. Moms eyes are closed she haunt me for posting this I am sure.

Adam and Hillary on a visit to our Great Grandparents farm before they sold it. This is Adam's favorite pic of mom he keeps it in his car.

Me, Mom and Hillary at my baby shower for Jesse.

This is another one mom will for sure kill me for posting...This is Jesse and mom getting ready for bed in the pjs when we were staying with them after the car wreck.

Easter 2001 Some people in this pic aren't even looking at the camera but at least you can see mom smiling!

This is my wonderful mom 1 month before she died. She is watching the balloon release for Cameron at Jesse's 3rd birthday. Wow the things I would have said or done if I had of known I only had a few short weeks with her.


  1. Precious post! You mom was beautiful, and you look so much like her, which, of course, means I believe you're beautiful too! What a special post for such a special woman! I know she would love it.

  2. This was so wonderful, Hollie. Your mom was a super special lady and I know she is so proud of you and the life you have made for you and your family. ((huggs))