Friday, November 19, 2010

In need of motivation...Got any?

The chaos that is my brain has thrown up in my house! I am serious my mental state has been shall we say scattered. I don't have a handle on anything and you can FORGET time management....I have none. It is that time of year where my "plate" is far too full, my mind in shambles and my pocket book starting to squeak as it is pulled so tight. Now every room in my house is suffering and in bad need of a TON of TLC. I have a chart hung on my fridge outlining my daily cleaning schedule, yeah right! I haven't done anything in days and am so far behind on my sewing that people are wondering if the "dog ate my homework" aka that lovely outfit they ordered. I am going insane over my lack of motivation or care. I don't seem to mind the mess thus wondering, about that dirty floor maybe if we let the dog in she could lick it clean, hopefully nobody will fall upon arrival at hour house considering all the toys in the floor, and that bathroom DO NOT LET A GUEST ENTER IT THEY WILL NOT COME OUT!!!! It is nuts and I must get it under control I can't handle another minute of the madness. Come heck or high water I have to do something about it. This house is affecting my mood, not to my surprise...I don't really like my house! I have done a million things to make it make me happy but nothing helps. I must get it under control and clean so I can start having something to take pride in. My mind is wondering, my thoughts a trillion different places and I can't seem to make myself start never mind finish anything. I NEED MOTIVATION...GOT ANY????

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