Friday, January 1, 2010

A Year In Review

So I got to thinking that it would be fun to do a year in review. Yes I am aware that this will make 3 New Year related post but I have the bug and wanted to take a look back. I would like to say that it will be short but no promises.We as a family have been really blessed this year. We have had the opportunity to experience things we never have, meet new friends, learned to trust God more and have grown in ways never imagined.

Last Spring our son Cooper was thought to have a early fusion of the sutures in his scull. Which we were made more aware of by our dear dear friends the Pooles. After making an appointment with a Nero Surgeon at children's we decided a little prayer couldn't hurt. And after having hands layed on him and being prayed for he was healed. I mean his little head changed shapes in days. It was a wonderful healing straight from God. By the time we went to the appointment I am sure the doc thought we were nuts...Little did they know that is just what I had prayed for.To say the least that was the start of a crazy year! Duece turned 5 and that was a big deal. As his mother I can not believe 5 years have come and gone.
Over the summer we had the chance to travel to Greensboro and attend Aldersgate a United Methodist Conference. It was amazing the spirit was just all over the place. Following that we went on our first ever family of 5 trip to the beach boy was that alot of fun. This is one of my favorite pics from the trip taken the day we were leaving.
Cooper turned one and that was just a little sad for me. He is growing way to fast he wont be a little baby much longer. We had the best little party here at our house and the best part all of our closest friends and family joined us...It was my favorite party ever.
In September Micheal's brother Alan was home to visit before deployment. For most of us this was a sad visit and we really hated to see him go. He is in Iraq now serving our country and we are praying for his safe return.
Just after deploying we learned he would be having his first child this summer. How exciting to have another niece or nephew to love. Speaking of my sister Hillary had a little boy this year also. We got to meet him when we all were at the beach. His name is Rhys and he is way adorable.Jesse also had a birthday this year she turned 9 and I am wondering where 9 whole years have gone. She is growing into a wonderful little lady and I can't wait to see what she will become.When school started back Jesse was in the 3rd grade and Duece went to kindergarten. They both have wonderful teachers and are really enjoying themselves. With a new school year brought several new activities. They are both doing gymnastics, Jesse is dancing again and still involved with Girl Scouts, Duece is taking violin through his school. And of course we are still involved in our wonderful church Hewett. This year we have made a couple of new friends who are just wonderful and had the chance to really get to know them and that is great. We all love being together. Now I think I will ramble for a minute just to get in some other things we did. Jesse dressed up as an Egyptian as a part of a Girl Scout event and oh yes she did make most of her costume herself..
I took up sewing and have been really enjoying it. My other hobby rubber stamping is taking a back seat for now. Michael and myself both went on Emmaus walks they were life changing for the both of us. Duece got glasses and I know I am partial but I think he is adorable in them.
That pic looks a little funny but it is the only one I have on here in glasses. Some other fun stuff we did this year included swimming lessons, Chattanooga Aquarium, Build-A-Bear, Jesse's first pageant, The Wizard of Oz, several summer camps, and a whole lot more. I guess when you get down to it this year as been full and action packed. Wish I could say I was sad to see it go but I am not. I am ready to move on to another year, more memories and more blessing. Even with all the good some not so great things happen in all of our lives mine and yours and those are the things we will not miss.

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