Friday, January 29, 2010

Such A Pretty Fat...

That is the title of a super funny book I have been reading. My dear friend Brandy (or Mrs. Brandy as she is called around here) gave me this book and I have been reading it every chance I get! I can't stop laughing when I am reading it. I have laughed, cried and almost peed myself reading this hilarious book. But the title made me think...Well remember all the times I have heard a statement that takes on the same meaning and as I read about the overly confident "heavy" Jen in my book I wonder if those kinds of statements bother me?

Michael has a friend who always use to say " Well you have a pretty face!" Like that made me feel better. But as far as he was concerned pretty face didn't matter if your butt or gut were "big". HA! What does he know isn't it about personality anyway? I have seen people double take Michael and I as we walk through the mall I am sure those girls are thinking "Cute guy who is the fat chick!" Maybe they aren't thinking that but there looks make me think they are.

This book has made me realize...I need to take pride not only in the way I look but how I carry myself. People can only hurt you if you let them and I have spent years letting people hurt me because of the way I look. Well not any more. Michael is always telling me I am hot so sista is going to start knowing it herself. I mean a little make up and some cute clothes can change my mind and others!

Ok so back to the book...You must read it! You will laugh on every single page. There is a little well "strong" language but come on we all need a guilty pleasure every now and then. Here is the sample from the back of the book...

" To whom the fat rolls...I'm tired of books where a self-loathing heroine is teased to the point where she starves herself skinny in hope of a fabulous new life. And I hate the message that a women can't possibly be happy until we all fit into our skinny jeans. I don't find there stories uplifting; they make me want to hug these women and take them out for a fizzy champagne drinks and cheesecake and explain to them that until they figure out their insides, their outsides don't matter. Unfortunately, being overweight isn't simply a societal issue that can be fixed with a healthy dose of positive self-esteem. It's a health matter, and here on the eve of my fortieth year, I've learned I have to make changes so I don't, you know die. Because what good is finally being able to afford a pedicure if I lose a foot to adult-onset diabetes?" Jen Lancaster Such a Pretty Fat
I have the book so if you would like to borrow it let me know...I am almost done and no to her next one...Hope it is this funny! HAPPY READING

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