Thursday, January 7, 2010

Slow Start To Resolutions

My New Year's "resolutions" are off to what I am calling a slow start... I am like I wanted getting up earlier and getting things done before the craziness that is my house in the morning. I am planning my meals and shopping trips better to save money. I am working off a new discipline system to help in some area of child rearing that I wanted to shape up.

But...I am not doing so well on the house work I wanted to get a better grip on. My clean laundry is still piled miles high. I am still way under organized. And one area that I am really having alot of trouble with is getting my 5 year old to sleep in his own room. This is a huge problem for me. I have been letting him sleep in my room for about a year now. Most nights he starts out in his sleeping bag only to end up in my bed at some point. This is not working for me. I would like my bed and my room for that matter back. I am up for any advice at all anyone has on helping change up this habit. I wonder now if he will really sleep in his room even when we move him and Cooper in together. (A move we are making for several reasons but Duece said he would sleep in there if Cooper was in there.) I am at a lose I have tried a million things and nothing is working I mean nothing.

I am looking forward to being able to sleep alone in my bed but in the mean time I will continue to try and maybe not fail so much anymore! Well at least the other two go to sleep in their rooms with no problem. I just have one the break and that is proving way harder than I imagined.

Oh and to update you on my New Year New Spaces post...I am almost done sprucing up my bedroom. Now I am on to Duece's room which with any luck will now be shared Cooper. I am trying to find comforters I like so I have a starting point. I found some great fabric I love but can't find bedding match UGH. This room is quickly becoming alot harder than I though. Well I will keep you posted.

Guess I should remember we are only 7 days into the new year I shouldn't expect instant change... But I do!

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  1. Have you tried letting Duece sleep with a bedside lamp on? Amelia will only sleep in her room if the lamp on her nightstand is on. I bought a 15-watt buld for it so there's not too much light, but just enough to appease her.

    I can certainly help you get organized. I am a miserable housekeeper, but a super organizer. Let me know what I can do for you.

    By the way, I am still willing to help out in the boys room. One day, when it's warmer, you need to come over and "shop" in my attic. I have tons of stuff - like lamps, wall art, frames - you could maybe use.