Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Cooper Kitchen Shopping and Pearl Jam

I have two very funny stories to share about my youngest child Cooper. He is 17 months old and I spend my days at home alone with him while my other two children are at school. He is so funny and lights up many boring days. So I wanted to share this with you...

Yesterday while awaiting our play date Lola and Mrs. Brandy to come over I was trying to check e-mails and search something on line. Cooper was in my room with me then decided to venture back over to the kitchen. We only have one unlocked cabinet in our kitchen and it is the one that holds can goods. I could here him in there re-organizing the contents then he came back in my room and got the empty (yes rare I know) laundry basket. He then proceeded to "load" all the can goods into the basket and was pushing it all over the kitchen and my room. It was so funny he would load the basket, unload it just to re-load it. I laughed so hard it hurt. Later when it was time to cook diner I needed the cooking oil and could not find it I was so mad knowing I had just bought some. Imagine my surprise when Jesse comes out of my room with it. I asked her where she found it she said Cooper must have been shopping in our kitchen again...

Today after dropping Duece off at school keep began to cry. He was one unhappy baby. I was listening to talk radio so I was going to turn on a movie for him but his DVD player was not in the car. So I decided to change the station I tuned it to 95.1 the Rocket. They were playing an old Pearl Jam song. I am not sure of the name but as soon as Cooper heard it he stopped crying instantly. My 17 month old likes Pearl Jam...Go figure! I know one thing his daddy will be so proud. Just so happens I liked the song also so we rocked out the rest of the ride home and he didn't cry again...Until later of course and there was not Pearl Jam to comfort him :)

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