Monday, January 4, 2010

Off To A Wonderful Start

So we are now 4 whole days into 2010 and I think so far it is off to a wonderful start. We here at the McClendon house are looking forward to a year of new discoveries, new challenges, new adventures and of course some of the same old stuff.

We kicked 2010 off just right by going to bed way before midnight on New Years Eve. A friend of ours said "Isn't it amazing how New Years Eve becomes more of a non-event the older you get!" I couldn't agree more. We did however have pizza and fireworks which earned us an A plus from our kids.

New Years Day we were pleased to be having our dear friends the Poole's over for dinner. Which was so much fun. The kids spent hours playing and bowling on the WII. While the adults sat and enjoyed adult conversations. We had a wonderful time and we are already awaiting the next time we can all hang out. Oh and I made Mexican Egg Rolls which some of you who know me know I am kinda famous for. I am so happy to report everyone seemed to enjoy them.

Saturday was so packed... The kids attended a indoor pool party of a friend. Which was so cool because is was spitting snow on the way there. We then spent to rest of the afternoon visiting with Michael's parents. His sister Lauren will be leaving soon to finish her senior year of college at Alma. The kids really miss her so they were so glad to spend time with her. Oh and I got to visit Target which always makes me so happy! Wish we had one here:(

We ended our 3-day weekend by weather proofing our house. So gone are drafty windows and doors and hello to lower heating bills we hope. We snuggled up to a nice bowl of Taco Soup and watch the kids and my brother bowl some more.

All I know is that I hope the rest of 2010 is as wonderful as our lovely weekend was. I can't wait to see where we all are this time next year!

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