Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Confession Time

Ok I am going to have a little confession session here.... Part of my New Year's "not resolution" was to get a handle on my house and my time management. I am not so happy with my lack of control of things concerning the way I "run" my day. It is so out of balance and I go to bed every night with countless things undone. This now is making me crazy and now I just don't want to do a thing. I have decided to start using a chart to plan my day out and this will give me a place to do menu ideas and such. I am revamping my home management binder and I will now have a relationship with it like I do with my Bible. I can't wait to have a better grip on my day. I am a little scared that I will become an even more anal person than I already am. But what can I say you know you will love me despite my quirks!

When I have perfected my new chart I will share it with you. And now that I have shared this with you I will be counting on you to keep my accountable:)

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