Monday, September 12, 2011

I have to share-Testimony

I believe it is important to keep record of what God is doing in our lives and around us. So I just had to share 2 quick little stories.

First, Friday afternoon as I cooked diner Duece and I were helping each other unload the dishwasher. Not our favorite all! But as he sat on my kitchen counter drying dishes he looked up at me and said he wanted to tell me something. I said ok sure. He made Jesse leave the room, I am not sure why. But he proceeded to tell me about how the other day when "Daddy (Michael) had gotten the phone call with the bad news" and we were so upset he did like he was told and prayed about the situation. I remember going into my bedroom so Michael and I could talk in private and the kids asking why I was upset. I just told them that it was grown up stuff and asked that they please pray. So Duece did...he is so great at doing this. But anyway back to the kitchen. He told me that when he prayed God had spoke to him on the inside you know in his spirit and told him "that everything was going to be ok!" I was stunned at what Duece was telling me but even more stunned when he asked if I believe him. "Of course I believe you Duece!""This is the very thing we would expect out of you!" That kid NEVER seems to amaze me. His heart and love for God shine in him so much. I was humbled that it took my 7 year old to remind me who really had my back!

One more story...On Sunday night I took my children's group from church to the local rec center park for our "Back to Sunday Night" kick off. Or in other words our little get together celebrating an end to the summer break. We had originally planned a pool party but due to recent rains here water temps were a little low for that:) Anyway, we loaded the bus with about 10 children and 3 adults. The playground was already hoppin and we just joined in. When it came time to do our devotion I asked for volunteers from our group to invite the other children at the playground to join us. Several did I think around 6 or 7 sweet little Hispanic children joined our circle. They listened intently to my devotion about letting the little children come to Jesus b/c the Kingdom of Heaven belonged to them. They answered my questions during quiz time and really seemed at home in our group. At the end our group surrounded Duece to lay hands on him and pray for his tummy ache. I opened it up for the children to pray as we normally do and God really showed up. After several of "our" children prayed 2 of the visitors prayed for Duece also. It was a wonderful time of fellowship. I love when God shows up and gives you confirmation that what you are doing is just what He wants you to do!

I am so blessed to work with children during this time of revival and renewing! I know these children really have the Kingdom of God at heart...I am humbled to know and work with all of them!

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