Friday, May 28, 2010

Show us your life-Things you love/make you happy

There are alot of things that I love or make me happy. I will try not to ramble and save you all the pain of me listing them all...

My husband and children: they bring me the most joy in this whole world
A good worship song on the radio

Cooper's sweet feet in my lap

No laundry in the hamper

Peach sweet tea;)

A perfect sundress that doesn't show my arms

Watching Jesse do gymnastics her smile is priceless
Duece singing in the back of the van when he thinks nobody is listening

A spotless kitchen floor

Uninterrupted sewing time

When Michael let's me lay with my head in this lap and he rubs my eyebrow (you have to REALLY know us to even begin to understand;) )

Sitting under and umbrella at the beach reading a book while listening to the kids splash in the waves

My church

My friends and their children

My niece and nephew

Painted toenails


Great flip-flops
Volunteer work
Hugging my children
Reading a bedtime story
Helping others
Sharing God's word and the work he has done for me
Fresh flowers in my kitchen
Front porch on a spring night
I think I could go on forever but as the song says "These are a few of my favorite thing!"

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