Thursday, May 6, 2010

Planning a party...Need a little help!

Cooper's 2nd birthday is coming up on us FAST! It is about 11 weeks away. And I have ALOT to do. I am almost positive the theme will be "Mod Monkey" from birthday express. That is not the problem the real problem is where to have it. Being at the end of July I need some where with a little A/C and enough room for the kiddos to run around. I was thinking about a water themed party at my house complete with baby pools and slip-n-slides but then thought of the mess that would create. So then I thought about Chick-fil-a but I really want to be able to decorate just how I want. So now I am not sure where to do this shindig. I am OPEN to ideas so if you have ANY please share them with me:) This momma needs a little help!

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