Thursday, May 27, 2010

Proverbs 31

Back in December when I was making resolutions I mentioned my desire to study and try to be more like the Proverbs 31 Woman. Well I bought a "study" book on the subject and of course I have read that chapter in my Bible a MILLION times. But I have not been taking the steps to be more like her. Even though I know part of my High calling is to be more like her! So God who is not so suttle has been letting me "run" into this topic over and over. So now it is a lot like convection convection! A blog I read is doing a study on this chapter of the Bible on Wednesdays and I have only been following it for a couple of weeks but yesterdays "topic" knocked me back in my seat. In verse 28 they say " Her children rise up can call her blessed" ( my paraphrase) and as I read on and on I realized just how I had missed the mark. I have become so consumed "working" on PTO, teaching children's Bible study, working to help staff our church nursery...That I haven't been doing my part to build disciples in my own home! I am going to start Monday I am going back and printing all her previous talks on this subject and tucking them in my book and going to start studding and trying to be more like the woman spoke of in Proverbs. As mothers God has given us one of the highest callings if you ask raise spirit filled disciples for Christ. And while I realize that not all my readers might feel the same way this is what I truly believe is one of my many jobs as their mother.

Side note when I started this blog I never intended for it to be a religious forum I was really using it to almost scrapbook or journal our lives. But I feel strongly about this topic and also know that should someone stumble on this blog this something I feel led to share. No not all my topics are religious so please visit again! I am also not promising that I wont touch this or other subjects like this I know part of God's calling on my personal life is ministry and sharing is love joy and promise to each of us.

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