Saturday, May 8, 2010

Hey Mom Look What I Made

I so wish I could share pictures of the sweet gifts my wonderful older children made me at school. But as you know if you have been reading my blog for anytime my camera and computer do not have compatible software...But I digress. I received some of the most wonderful handmade gifts from my children.

Jesse my 9 year old 3rd grader who's year making gifts for me at school are numbered....Made me two sweet poems one of which she said " My mom looks funny when she cooks" and she also made me a cute little paper tea cup with a poem on it and a lovely smelling tea bag inside of it. I still cry every single time I open one of this most wonderful gifts.

Duece my 6 year old has many a year ahead of him making me gifts at school but this year his teacher was extra crafty and he was SO proud of this gift. They used white 4x4 tiles and decorated them with a flower made out of their finger prints then the finishing touch was his name wrote in his handwriting on the top. Oh I almost forgot he wrapped it...Not sure whose idea it was to use packing tape though! It was wonderful and it to made me cry.

I love these gifts more than any other gift that could ever be bought for me. These handmade gems mean the world to me and I will cherish them forever. I can't wait until the day Cooper brings gifts in with that sweet smile on his face.

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