Saturday, May 1, 2010

April 24 2010

This date is forever stamped into my mind and the minds of all Albertville residents. This night our small town in Alabama was hit by a EF3 Tornado.

I am not sure on the actual number of homes damaged or destroyed. But I do know that there was 33 injury's but NO deaths. I also know the Tornado was almost a mile wide with winds around 140 miles an hour and traveled for roughly 19 miles.

My family didn't suffer the direct hit of this storm but narrowly escapedit's wrath by less than a half mile. At my house huddled in the hall with our three children you could hear the roar of the wind which to me sounded alot like a huge vacuum or dryer. The pressure inside our house changed and we heard TONS of loud bangs and bumps! I have to say I have never been so scared in my adult life. And I am afraid I will now forever be that way :( My children know just how fortunate we are as they have several friends who's homes were damaged or complete losses.

Please pray for our town one week later almost all have power back, clean up is making progress, and we are slowing healing and putting together the pieces. Albertville will survive we just have that spirit about us!

Here is a link to a blog I read that was very imformative. And includes pitcures of the damage.

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