Friday, May 7, 2010

Show us your life-Baby Names

Show Us Your Life with Kelly's Korner

Jesse Nichole Grace ~ Michael Kelly Duece ~ James Cooper

Today I am linking up with a blog I read daily (kellyskorner). I really enjoy her blog and don't always link up on "Show us your life Fridays" but I REALLY like today topic. BABY NAMES I thought I would share how we came up with our children's names.

When we found out we were having our first child we were so young and lost we were willing to take other peoples advice on this subject...My mom STRONGLY recommend we name our first born after her grandfather Jesse Paul. My mom was really close to this grandfather even though he died before I was even born I knew he was a huge part of my moms life. So we decided boy or girl it would be Jesse. My mom also picked out our middle name once we knew it was a girl...I wanted to call her by a double name (Oh so southern I know) so my mom suggested Grace and sealed the deal with telling me the names meaning. Grace- a gift from God we do not deserve! PERFECT But Michael wasn't so cool with having no say so we decided on Jesse Nichole Grace whom we would call Jesse Grace. Now almost 10 years later she only wants to be called Jesse but will only us the monogram for Jesse Grace! HA Love it!

Naming our second born was ALOT harder...We waited until we knew what we were having to start talking about names. Since we were having a boy I pretty much decided to let Michael take over! So Austin James it was or so we thought. Then one day I heard of someone calling a sports player whos number was 2 Duece (Deuce). Which we all know mean number two. I hadn't really liked Michael choice of name so I saw this a my chance to when Michael over. See Michael's full name is Michael Kelly and he didn't want to name our son that for ALOT of reasons to many to list in this blog...So anyway I suggested we name our son Michael Kelly Duece instead of Michael Kelly II or Jr. That was that we were having a Duece! Some family called him Michael or little Michael because the didn't like Duece...But now at age 6 Duece lets people know really quick he is NOT Michael.

When naming our third child I wanted something to honor my mother who had passed away. So I thought of many names perfect for little girls honoring her. And only had one for a boy which was Kingston since my maiden name was King. This was quickly shot down due to Gwen Stefonie (SP) having a son by this name :( So we began tossing names around Michael was still stuck on James and I loved Cooper so I suggested James Cooper. Michael was like no he didn't like it at all but called me the next day on his lunch break and said we should name him that. I guess God really wanted us to have a James Cooper to have changed Michael's heart.

I love all of my kids names they each have some biblical name or meaning to it so that is our theme! Cooper however is the only one with out a double middle name so when and if baby number for comes it will have to be like Cooper! So he wont feel left out. I trust that one day God will bless us with another child and until then I am tight liping my other names. But if it is a girl I will be honoring my mother and you know it with have some Bible relation of course!

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