Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Chore Packs

I have had several people ask me about the "chore packs" I am now using with my children. So I thought I would share a little about it with you. First I am going to share some helpful links then I am going to tell you how I made mine. Some on these links are fancy I made mine simple because I wasn't sure they would be worth the trouble...But they are two days running and all chores are finally getting done! So here are the links I read getting ready to start this!

Those are 3 really good links plus you can google "Duggar chore packs". I made mine out of those spiral wrist key rings that you get in the stationary section at Wal-Mart. To that I attached one half of a 3x5 index card with a number and a chore. These didn't hold up so I...Cut card stock into 2.5x3 inch pieces and then printed and cut out my chores and used packing tape to stick it all together punch a hole in the corner and put it all on the key ring. If they get the morning section done before school they can take them off and leave them here but if not then they HAVE to wear them to school! It has worked so far. I will keep you posted I started pretty simple but will be adding and changing things over the next couple of weeks. When I have my system like I like it I will share again. This is also working with our reward system to earn money and with our house rules! So many things are changing in our household over the next couple of months ( NO I am not pregnant...more details when I can share) I wanted to get this system, house rules, and other things in good working order. Our old system which was mom asked and I just didn't do it! HA That was not working...I think I need to do this for my children and me. Hope my sharing is helpful...I will for sure be sharing more so check back often!

Also, here are some links to ideas for age appropriate chore!


  1. I love this idea! I think Amelia would respond really well to this and it might just be the solution to getting her to put her shoes in the closet instead of leaving a trail of them from one end of the house to the other! Thanks!

  2. Hey I am here to tell you this REALLY works! Duece and Jesse are going GREAT with it. I am so happy I watch all those Duggar shows and read all those mommy blogs! I can't wait to see how it changes our summer routine! I firmly believe they NEED to help out around here. I am not their maid...Well at least I don't want to do all the work alone;)