Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Value Of A Praying Husband

As I shared yesterday I have been going through a rough time as of late. But after a long conversation with my hubby I realized I have something very good to be thankful for. I have a praying husband. As the one who prayed for many years for him I know how hard it is when you pray for your spouse and there is no answer or "change." Michael shared this morning his "trouble" about his prayers for me not being answered. I reminded him of the long nights I had spent praying for him and it took several years to see the fruit. After my reminder he said he would continue to pray for me like never before. I am so thankful to have a praying husband.

When I was pregnant with Cooper and undergoing complications he prayed. He prayed when Cooper was indeed induced early. He prayed ALOT when that same child was thought to have had a "possible early fusion of the sutures in his scull"...Our sons head was flat and changed shape in mear days. He has prayed over our home, finances, and for Gods blessing upon us. He now prays for a new job for himself, a refreshing of myself and soul, he prays for our children, our family and friends, and he prays for our recent struggle to have another child.

My husband prays for this family every time he is with the Lord. I have realized now the true value of a praying husband and thank God for that part of him everyday.

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