Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Menu Making Monday

Well this is a day late but...I am going to start sharing my weekly diner menus with you. I have tons of friends asking me what I am cooking all the time and how I stay on a tight grocery budget. Hey and if I am telling the world what I am cooking them maybe there wont be as many repeats thus making my hubby VERY happy. I hope you all will share yours sometime so we can be inspired. So from now on Menu Making Monday will be my Monday morning post:) I actually make my menu on Friday in preparation of my grocery store trip but Menu Making Monday will be when I share my "revised" version with you.

Sunday-Lunch: Taco Soup
Diner: Chili Dogs (Hubby cooking so that is his choice)
Monday-Diner: Taco Salad (that is a taco double wamy)
Tuesday- Diner: Beef Stir-Fry with rice and green beans
Wednesday- No cooking this week we will eat at church
Thursday- Diner: Crock-pot Chili with cornbread
Friday- OUT TO EAT My family goes out to eat all 5 of us every Friday night honestly we are better but sometimes this is the only day of the week all 5 of us get to enjoy a meal together and I love the break from having to cook!

So whatcha ya cookin???

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