Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Last April our small town was hit by a tornado. Bringing a new fear to my family of all storms. Yesterday school was let out early due to impending bad weather and possible tornado's. As soon as I got my children home we had a warning for our area and into the hallway we went. I took the radio and flashlights. Cooper was so scared he said to me "Cooker (as he calls himself) scared need bebe." Bebe is his most prized possession a now ratty blue blanket he has had since birth. I should have known better to take cover without it...So I went quickly to find it. It seemed like we spent hours in that hallway doing homework, playing games,reading books and listening to weather reports. Cooper however was bored so he used my flashlight as entertainment. Needless to say we need batteries before the next storm. After the lose of things my children heard about and saw after Aprils twister they decided they needed to take their most loved dolls, books, toy cars and play phones in to the hall with us. I didn't think I would ever get all the JUNK out of the hallway when our town got the all clear. Luckily our town was spared this time but a small town north of here was not so lucky I pray for a quick return to normal for all those affected. I love rainy nights and we so needed that rain...I on the other hand HATE storms and tornado weather. I am glad we are at the end of tornado season that is until it returns in the spring!

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  1. We spent most of the afternoon in the corner of the bathroom. I was a mess! I tried not to show the girls how worried I was, but I ended up screaming at them so I could hear the weather forecast so they were well aware momma was close to having a come-apart.

    I also bit my fingernails down to nubs, which is something I only do when I am EXTREMELY anxious.

    I thought of y'all so much when the weatherman said a tornado had been spotted near Albertville. I promise I tried my best to pray it away from your house.