Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Works for Me Wednesday-Snack Baskets

Sometimes (and not all that often) I come up with an idea that actually works and I stick to it! After weeks and weeks of my kids mindlessly snacking about all day I decided I need to do something about it. I mean my budget can only take so much mass consumption if know what I mean;) I had seen this idea some where...not pinterst though this is pinterest worthy...I think I actually saw this back in my Supper Nanny watching days. Anywho, You purchase a basket, box or some kind of container for each child. Either the night before or in the morning they choose their snacks for the day if you child attends school outside of the home school snacks don't get included. If they choose to eat all their snacks at once then no more for the day. Now of course I am not starving my children I am just trying to eliminate the mindless eating that has been going on around here. You know the I'm bored lets eat kind of thing.

So Monday I hit up my local Wal-Mart and purchased these. It was a 3 pack and only set my back around $1.50. I would really like to spiff them up but because of their size I am not sure how I am going to do it yet...but for sure they need to have each child's name on them or a ribbon to indicate who they belong to!

Here they are all lined up on my kitchen counter awaiting snacks. See what I mean they need some jazzing up. Someone craft please give me and idea or two!
Here they are all lined up and filled with snacks. Now this was taken later in the day and doesn't have a whole days worth of snacks. My general snack allotment is 2 morning snacks and 2 afternoon snacks. Not pictured is Coopers snack box he takes to Kiddie Kollege with him on the days he attends I let him select that snack on the mornings he attends and but it right in his pack. What kind of snacks do your kids enjoy? We are always looking for yummy ideas!

I am so proud of this idea. It has been a wonderful thing for both me and the kids. It really has helped us be mindful of what we are eating, when we are eating and most important why we are eating. Now onto trying to find a better chore system for us that we can actually stick to;)

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  1. You could "craft" it up by maybe threading a ribbon through the holes :) I love this idea, I hear "momma I'm hungry" a gazillion times before supper