Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Declarations not Resolutions

So if you have read this blog for anytime or if you know us personally you know that 2011 wasn't the best year to date. We started the year with a job loss and things just seemed to get worse from there. We did have some great things happen we got a wonderful new home, our kids made it to the state swimming meet, started homeschooling, and then last but not least God rescued us from the enemy and continues to today. That being said when you make a list the bad seemed to out weigh the good. So after a very motivational sermon from my pastor on January 1 Michael and I decided we wouldn't make any resolutions but instead we would make declarations over our lives, marriage, family, home, finances, well over every area of our lives. God has promised much to those who follow Him we have tasted and seen and we want more. So here goes nothing we are putting all our eggs in one basket that is the "Jesus Basket" we have no fall back position and no amount of luck will ever see us through only Jesus will. This year will be good we will prosper and we will not fall victim to the lies of the enemy in our lives.

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