Thursday, January 19, 2012

Music Therapy Thursday

For Music Therapy today I have to share a current worship favorite at our house. Last Sunday our normal worship leader was out of town on a youth trip so we had a fill in from another church. He did a good job and shared a new song or two this being one of them. Cooper had stayed in church with us instead of going to the nursery and he was taking in all the songs. He loves music...I can see lots of music in his future a talent I pray he uses for the Glory of God. Anyway...Monday on the way to the eye doctor Cooper said from the back seat " When I grow up and can stand up holding a guitar I wanna sing the loin roaring inside song!" I was stunned he had remembered the words and a little proud all at once:) We then heard it on the radio the next day. We googled and found a youtube video...and have been hooked. We love this song. Listen, enjoy, be free in your worship!

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