Friday, October 21, 2011

Frumpy this morning

Well friends so far I have gotten up and dressed 6 straight days! But today I opted for the frumpy look so I could bake cupcakes, clean my house and decorate for my daughters birthday get together. I will of course shower and dress before running the necessary errands this afternoon. But my challenge to get dressed everyday has gotten harder! It has turned off cold here and I am in have very little in the wardrobe department. It seems that I have some sort of basic uniform I was unaware of...I tend to purchase these basics to supply my closet v-neck t-shirt I own one in most every color both long and short sleeves, then I have basic bottoms mostly jeans or jean short or khaki and thanks to my sewing abilities I now have a khaki skirt. So yesterday I got to thinking I can spice up even my simple things so that I am not so frumpy looking! I ventured out and paired my black t-shirt with a cute scarf and earrings. I still felt just as nice as any other day and didn't have to buy a thing. So now I am trying to think outside the box so I don't wear the same things over and over again. Also, I have learned I can make even my cute summer tops work in the winter by pairing them with another basic I have which is a black sweater.

This past week has been wonderful I am so much more on top of things by starting my day off dressed. My husband has really enjoyed it and so have kids. I have been so amazed at how this one little thing can change how I look at my day. So anyone have any tips on working with the wardrobe you already have?!?!

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