Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Frumps to Pumps

I mentioned a couple weeks back that I was challenging myself to get up and get dressed every single day.Well...I have to admit that I am not doing so great in that challenge. I might be dressed every day but I promise it is frumpy to say the least most of the time. So I am joining some of my bloggy friends for a "Frumps to Pumps" challenge. I am excited. I know I need to do this for my husband and myself. Right now I am beyond frustrated that I can't seem to get the linky to post so here is a blog link to follow along. I hope to grab the linky soon! OK so my goals are as follows.

1.) Get up when the alarm goes off not lay there and watch the morning news!
2.) Make my be as soon as my feet hit the floor.
3.) Be completely dressed before I leave my bedroom in the morning. I mean dressed not my normal cotton shorts or pants and a tshirt I am also going to try to wear more then tshirts more often.
4.) Fix my hair. Recently I have grown my hair out rather long it is almost to the middle of my back and I normally fashion it into some sort of ponytail. So now I would like to do more with it.
5.) Get rid of clothes that don't flatter me. Saving those tshirts and cotton shorts for workouts only...which I need to bring back!
6.) Try some new make up since I don't normally wear make up.
7.) Of course I will wear earrings! That is the only jewelry I ever wear!
8.) Last but not least I want my children to do the same actually get dressed not in lounge clothes and like another blogger share I would like to help my daughter start taming her unruly long hair.

So who wants to joining in visit "Like a warm up of coffee" and grab the linky and link up it will be fun! Updates should be on Mondays so check back...I might actually post some pics!


  1. WOOT! So glad you are joining us! :)

  2. I think it's admirable to attempt something like this, but I also think it's a bit rigid.

    For me, being a woman today means having the flexibility to take on each day as I see fit, not following a self-imposed list of regulations that harken back to the 1950s when women and their families were judged almost solely on their outward appearance.

    I don't have a thing against getting spiffed up occasionally, which can be a huge ego booster; but I don't feel the need to apply make-up everyday or even fix my hair everyday.

    And, I couldn't care less what my husband thinks of my daily appearance because I know he values so much more about me than what I look like. Plus not putting forth a big effort everyday makes him appreciate so much more those times when I do get fixed up.

    I think it all comes down to confidence. I can be just as happy in my workout clothes as I am in one of my nice "going-out" outfits. If you learn to reach deep within yourself and find strength and confidence in who you are right now, it will radiate outward and you will wear that strength and confidence on your face everyday regardless of how you're dressed or whether your bed is made up.

    I wish you luck in your endeavor. Maybe you can find inspiration in this this blog:

    It's written by a well-to-do woman born of "the old South" who follows a very rigid way of living so as not to stray too far from the genteel ways in which she was raised.

    I sometimes think the entire blog is a work of fiction, but if it's not, it's an engrossing look into a very different way of living.

  3. Well said, Brandy! And good luck, Hollie!