Saturday, October 15, 2011


On Thursday night I was blessed with the opportunity to go out with some of my wonderful girl friends from church and CWJC to see the newly released movie Courageous. It is a wonderful movie about fathers who are working hard to become the Godly Father's all men are called and created to be. I was doubly blessed when gifted 2 tickets to take my family to see it. So after church last night Michael and I took the kids to the late showing of the movie (so our toddler would go to sleep). My whole entire family enjoyed the movie my toddler even sat quietly! Michael said it was the best movie yet by Sherwood Productions (someone correct me if that is not the name of the church that did it). If you liked Facing the Giants and Fireproof this is a must see and if you haven't seen either of those and are looking for a good wholesome family movie this one has our recommendation.

The movie is very thought provoking about the job you are doing to be the Godly parent God calls us to be. All I know is I don't want to be a "good enough parent" I want to be the one I know God created me to be!

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