Tuesday, May 31, 2011

End of school

It is official Friday was the last day of school and while swim team started weeks ago and it has been nice and HOT for weeks...SUMMER IS HERE! I couldn't be happier to be done with rushed mornings, hours of homework, and whiny voices at the diner table. Since we have chosen to home school we are taking an "extended" summer and not starting school until the first of September so unlike those returning to school we get around 14-16 weeks of summer! I am so excited. We might decided to start school earlier but this is our plan as of now. I am so excited I scored some of my curriculum at low cost or free tonight at a "curriculum fair". But the end of the school year wouldn't be the same without a couple par-tays to attend.

Cooper had the usual Kiddie Kollege "Ice Cream Social" last Wednesday and while I know he loves ice cream he mainly spent the hours hanging out on the playground with his friends. He was so sad when I made him say goodbye for summer to those friends and his teachers. He has asked everyday since then if they can come over to play:) He will go back to Kiddie Kollege next year 3 days a week in their 3 year old program. We love us some Kiddie Kollege.

Duece also had an "Ice Cream Social". It was so sweet to see all of his little class mates enjoying their treat while watching a DVD slide show of the year prepared by Duece's teach Mrs. Odell. Duece was our number 1 reason to visit the idea of homeschool and so imagine my surprise when he cried as we gave hugs and kisses and said good bye. He later told me he was going to miss everyone...That I have to admit made me sad...But I know we are making the right choice for next year!

Jesse had a party in her class that the parents were not invited to attend. However we were invited to attend the awards ceremony. I have to admit I have been extra proud of her all year she took first place in the grandparents day essay contest, preformed in the talent show and had maintained all A's all year. She received several awards including A honor roll, Pals club, AR, and Conduct. I am sure if I forgot one she will remind me;)

I am so proud of my kiddos and can not wait to embark on next years journey with them!

Well, with another school year behind us summer has now begun!!!

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