Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Summer schedule

With the school year drawing to an end and summer already upon us I have found myself to have a real lack of motivation. Is this a probelm...Well of course it is! I don't want to do anything. My house is a wreck, I am super unorganized and can't find much enegy to anything. I have decided I must get a good schedule in mind so I don't find myself bogged down this summer lost between house work, volunteer work, swimming lesson (Cooper) and swim team for my oldest 2. Normally we have tons of summer activities and outings planned but as I shared yesterday not so much the case this summer. So I do need to shape what we are doing into some kind of routine before there becomes none and then I truly would have my work cut our for me next year:) These are my ideas...

Bring back the chore chart...yes I have let this one go since we have been so busy I have been doing my childrens chores for them during the day so they don't have to at night. Since we will be homeschooling next year I am going to redo chores around here and they will have morning chores and evening chores. Plus I want them to have a little more responsibility so I am going to change what each is doing. Totally new expectations.

Actually start taking one day off a week as a family. I mean a real break. Since we are not having night activities at church this summer on Sunday nights I think that day will be on Sunday. Right now my family really just needs to be together...regroup!

Also I would like to start back our family devotion time. I have let this slip since we have been so busy in the evenings. I know it will be part of their schooling next year but it is important to do it as a family also.

Well those are my plans to get us back on a good schedule...How do all of you keep some kind of schedule over the summer?

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