Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Crayons for Comfort

As most of you know by now...if you have power that is. A rare tornado outbreak went on in a large portion of our country and it greatly affected Alabama the state in which I reside. Several EF4 and EF5 tornadoes reaped destruction across several communities and a number of them are rather close to our home. TVA the power co-op took a rough hit and a major portion of N. Alabama went with out power for days and many are still without power. The devastation is unreal and the numbers of lose are startling. But as we recover we know God is on His throne and He is in control.

After seeing the devastation via internet and news adn then hearing stories from my 10 year old daughter who went with my dad to aide friends in clean up whose home was destroyed I had been praying for God to show me a way we could be his hands and feet! Jesse and I were thinking about all the little children affected and got to thinking about how if there homes are destroyed then they would have little to comfort them. Children are simple and while a hug and a kiss are wonderful sometimes they need a little get away. So today after receiving an email from my pastor that our church would be collecting items to aide in relief in the "Upper Sand Mountain Parish" I thought we must send a little something for those sweet children who have lost so much. I had been thinking and praying about different ideas for a couple of days and while on the phone with my pastor decided crayons and coloring books along with a note would be a wonderful way to reach children of a wide age span.

So here I go...I was only going to ask the parents of my SPROUTS class that I teach if they would donate coloring books, crayons, and maybe some fruit snacks to package with our notes but then I thought why not go "viral". So if you would like to help out with what I am calling "Crayons for comfort" let me know and we can get your items package them and make sure they are delivered via our church to a distribution center. Our goal 50!

I pray Gods mighty blessings over this "goal" and over anyone touched or receiving any number of packages we might be able to put together.

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  1. Done! I will bring some on Thursday! Wonderful idea!