Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Batch #1 has been delivered

I am so EXCITED to be able to report 150 crayons and coloring books were delivered this weekend. I delivered 75 to my church to be taken to the Upper Sandmountain Parish and then 75 more were delivered to the shelter at the Arab Rec Center. While I will not accompany those delivered to my church I did get to speak to a lady at the Arab shelter who told us what a blessing those would be to the children there. She even confirmed what I had thought which was the children had lost everything and had little or nothing to keep them occupied.

While in Arab on Sunday Michael and I drove to the Ruth community which was hit rather hard. I was in search of children to encounter and actually give books to. On our first pass through the damage we saw no children went to the Fire Department spoke with some people and on our way out I prayed I would be able to see some children. As we drove out I saw several children at a destroyed trailor park. I got out with some coloring books approached the people and asked if I could share those with the children. When the children came around I told them what I had and Michael (who sat in the car with a sleeping Cooper) said their faces just lite up! I was so happy to bring some joy to them in this time of caos. A grandmother asked if she could have one. As we talked she told me where each family that was in the make shift tent had once lived. I couldn't even tell that trailors or homes of any form had once been there. I was heartbroken by the amount of loss in that small community.

It is apparent that the recovery is long from over. And these people need our continued prayer and support. Thank you to each of you who have helped with this project in anyway...I am blessed to know each of you and have you part of this adventure. Also, keep the coloring books coming I am praying to be able to send around 200 with Hewett's Youth on their upcoming mission trip into 2 very affected areas of Pleasent Grove and Tuscaloosa. Also, I would love to get some out to Hacklesburg and Phil Campell that were also devastated.

Many thanks again...You are all working as the hands and feet of God!

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