Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Menu Making

Often times people ask me how it is that we are able to afford for me to stay at home on Michael's new much smaller income. And one way I try to save tons of money is in the food department. I do this by making menus for the week ahead based off of what is on sale or mostly what meats are on sale or already in my freezer. I have to admit that I have come lazy in the checking sales department but it goes to prove that even you don't check the sales menu making can save tons of money. I normally try to spend less than $100 a week on food only stuff. I have a different budget for cleaning supplies and toiletries. Here is this weeks menu and incase you wonder my total this week was around $88.00 including Easter Candy!

Monday- Taco Salad

Tuesday- Stuffed shells I got this recipe here and decided to leave out the spinach since we don't like spinach

Wednesday- This is my small group week so I had to provide potatoes, butter, bacon and chives for the loaded baked potatoes we are having...YUMMY

Thursday- Pork chops green beans and corn

Friday-Cheeseburger meatloaf, mashed potatoes and pinto beans

I also purchased stuff to make fried potatoes with sausage but we ate at my dad's Sunday and had those leftovers...so that is a meal that can roll over to next week:)

Here are a couple money saving grocery store tips if you don't want to mess with coupons...

  • I always buy dried beans unless I only need a small amount and then I buy the store brand can.

  • I use mostly store brand products. Wal-Mart has a great store brand and it is very good quality.

  • I buy 90% of our meat on sale and only when it is on sale...Like I said above I have been a little lazy and not keeping up with it like I use to but I am getting back on the wagon with that:)

  • I don't buy tons of pre-packaged snack foods. Most cookies, crackers, chips, ect for the kids school snacks I package myself...unless they happen to be on sale.

  • I ONLY buy what we need for that weeks menu and I didn't enclose lunches and snacks on the above menu but of course I buy only what we need for those also.

Those are just a couple of my little tricks...And they really do save us money!

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