Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Out of the mouth of Duece

Yesterday Duece and I had the funniest conversation just before our dear friends the Poole's came over for a play date. I had to share it with you because if you know Duece you know this is how it is. This is how it went...

Jesse-Mom Duece hit Cooper.
Me-Duece way did you hit Cooper he is just a baby?
Duece-Mom he tore the back of my new Highlights magazine so I just hit him.
Me-Duece we do not hit Cooper he is a baby and he doesn't understand.
Duece-More whining..........Why did you ask God for another baby?
Me-Because I wanted another one...How about 4? Don't you want another baby?
Duece-Take it back we have enough babies take it back don't ask again!

I thought is was so funny. I know he loves Cooper but doesn't understand when Cooper doesn't get into trouble for something Duece would be in trouble for. Oh and before you all ask no we are not having another baby I just had to see what Duece would say. Guess Duece knows all about asking God for blessing but doesn't understand yet that everychild even the little brother who tore your magazine is a blessing!

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