Monday, December 7, 2009

A "Handmade" Christmas

Way back in August I decided I was going to make or sew all of the Christmas gifts Michael and I would be giving this year. Well my butt should have started sewing back in August. But all who know me know I am so busy with three kids and their activities that this is an undertaking I never should have taken. But I did...

I decided that a couple people on my list would be to hard to do this for so guess what? They are getting gift cards. We are not normally big gift carders but these are people who have everything and if they wanted or needed anything they would buy it. So gift cards it is for them.

I am making aprons for my children's teachers and will be having them monogrammed. This should be easy they aren't a huge sewing undertaking but finding time is oh so hard for me! I am also making ornaments for the ladies in the offices of my children's schools. Fleece blankets for my niece and older nephew. My younger nephew is getting something a little more special Aunt Hollie has sown him a Christmas John-John. Since he is 6 months old and I have never sown for him before I thought this was due.

This started as a way to help us save a little money. Since the wonderful economy has hit the McClendon Household rather hard! Well save money it has but for a busy person like myself it is not as easy as it first sounded. I know in the end these will be wonderful unique gifts but in the mean time I needed a break so I shared it with you!

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