Thursday, April 12, 2012


Since I spent all of yesterdays blog post ranting about how overwhelmed I seem to be right now because you know LIFE HAPPENS. I got to thinking it was time to reshape MY way of thinking because lets face it those around me who I feel like expect so much out of me are going to change their expectations:/ I had a couple realizations yesterday as I was cleaning my you guessed it nasty house.

Realization #1- I am only one person! No matter how much I wanna do I can only do so much. And I am the one who says yest to things and some of those things piled on me are there because I put them there. Learning to say No because I am already too busy is OKAY!

Realization #2- My house has 3 children who live in it full time. We don't leave to go to work or school every day and therefore it is not going to be spotless until they all move off to college and then we will only wish we had match box cars, random shoes, and books to pick up.

Realization #3- Laundry is never going to go away! I have to wash it people can not go naked. The sooner I get a handle on it the better!

Realization #4- I need to STOP! I need to stop worrying over EVERY LITTLE THING! I need to start really enjoying this time with my children that I have been given. I will not be able to replace these years if I waste them depressed and worried about things that I can not control.

I have known all these things but my own worry and self imposed ideas over what I should be doing have been beating me down. I just want to be the best wife, mother, daughter and sister God wants me to be. It was then that I realized I had neglected my own spiritual health. I wasn't feeding what I REALLY NEEDED! I have to find an outlet for what burns inside of me for God and stop letting life be in the way.

So how about you? Do you worry to much? Let life get in the way of the ultimate relationship? What do you need to put down? Or take up? Stop beating yourself up! All you ever have to be is the best you that you can be!


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  2. You are right on the money about being only one person. Neither I nor you can be everything to everyone all of the time. I came to this realization a while back and it has served me well in my quest to live MY authentic life. I try to live each day doing what makes me and my family happy and don't give a crap if others don't like it. It's a good form of selfishness.