Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Confessions of This Overwhelmed Mommy

It is not to often that I admit defeat and throw in the towel. But that is where you find me today. Ready to just give up. Nobody ever said being a stay at home homeschooling mommy to 3 kiddos and wife to a husband that works insane hours was going to be easy. Be warned you will not find any warm fuzzies in this post...just sayin!
Confession #1- I am so annoyed by people who think that just because I "stay at home" my time is disposable and in abundance. You couldn't be more wrong brothers and sisters if there is one thing this mommy doesn't have it is extra time! So please please please refrain from "dumping" on me when you are just too busy to do something yourself...newsflash I am busy to!
Confession #2- When you don't return my email or phone calls please remember it might take me time to get back to you when you finally return mine! Seriously!
Confession #3- I love love love homeschooling and if that was the only thing I had to do every day that would be wonderful but reality is I have a million other things to do and those things wear me down and overwhelm me!
Confession#4- Sometimes I need to freak out! I promise you will survive and I will feel better. What I need is for people to not act like I am the first person to ever have a melt down!
Confession#5- I can't be "on" 100% of the time. It is impossible I do have bad days and sometimes I need to just be down.
Okay so enough of my rant. I am so thankful that Gods mercies are new every morning and that He is able to save me from myself! I love my life and am beyond blessed by being able to be at home with my lovelies. I also wouldn't have it any other way. A momma just needs to vent from time to time know what I mean. What drives you crazy how do you keep from feeling overwhelemed? Please share and help a sister out!


  1. Clutter is my nemesis, but we have come to a place where we can reside, if not in harmony, in a somewhat peaceful coexistence.

    I try to do a sweep of the house once a week using laundry baskets to gather stuff to be returned to its rightful home. I start in my bedroom and work my way to the other end of the house where the girls' rooms are and where most of the stuff needs to go anyway.

    The kids' shoes being left all over the place is a constant problem, but I gave up trying to make them keep them neatly stored in the shoe hangers inside their closets - which, in my OCD-infested mind, is the perfect place for them.

    However, I bought a big basket for Lola to keep her shoes in and am just grateful if Amelia's shoes make it to her room. So far, this system is working far better than the previous one.

    Additionally, I've learned to give up some control over the state of Amelia's room. I do make sure she doesn't leave dishes or uneaten food in her room, and I am still a stickler about her putting her clothes in the hamper (mainly because they won't get washed if they don't and there's been times she's had to wear fancy dresses or skirts to school because all her favorite stuff was dirty and in piles on the floor. That lesson has stuck. Hallelujah!); but if she chooses to leave her toys scattered here and yon resulting in missing pieces, then that's not my problem.

    For the most part, I loathe cleaning, but I try to keep things in a somewhat decent shape. My toilets get cleaned regularly, my kitchen is given a thorough once-over almost daily, and laundry is never-ending. Other stuff, like dusting, vacuuming and sweeping are done on an as-needed basis - which, in the case of dusting - my most-hated chore - is almost never.

    My mother would faint if she were here to see the state of my window sills, curtains and baseboards, but, since she would be the only one who would give a damn about those things, I don't even bother.

    I do worry sometimes that I am setting a bad example for the girls by not being a better "homemaker," but I try to give them a warm, healthy, loving home that is somewhat dirty rather than the dysfunctional yet almost sterile environment in which is was raised. They're still alive and seem very happy so I must be doing something right.

  2. Girl, this post is so me! At this point in my life out seems that I am constantly overwhelmed, and can't figure out how to simplify. Correction: I get the concept of how to simplify, but I can't seem to make it from theory to practice. I do know that I am a last maker, and if I keep a loose daily schedule written down so I can check things off "the list" then I am more likely to get something accomplished. I have a problem with the word "no"...it seems to not be a part of my vocabulary as far as people needing things are concerned. And they always call me bc they know I will do whatever it is they need. if you get it all figured out, PLEASE let me know! ;)