Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Homeschooling Why?

God has put it on my heart to share my home school story. Or better yet the reason we chose to home school this year. I had wrote a previous post about why we were going to home school but decided to "pull" it I didn't like the way I had explained things plus it was written before we decided to do this with both children. I had to really think and pray long about weather or not to even share our story since so many negative things had been said to us upon making the choice "public".

Let me take you back to when Jesse was in 1st grade. She had the most wonderful teacher. It was one of the best school years EVER! At the end of the year she was assigned to a teacher I wasn't thrilled for her to have. And my instincts were right. It wasn't a good fight and the year was rough not academically but otherwise. I had chosen to let Jesse continue in school because I was pregnant with our youngest child. Or in other words I was a chicken! By the time the question arose again I wasn't ready to even consider it again. So I sent Duece to public kindergarten...HUGE mistake he was not socially ready and it was a nightmare the whole year. Tears and more tears every single day. He had a wonderful teacher and she loved him to pieces but that didn't matter to Duece. That is when I started really researching it, talking to other home school moms and praying about it. But was swayed by the fact that we had a friend who was a first grade teacher who thought she could change his mind about school. Well as luck would have it Duece was assigned to her class. I thought things would be great but was surprised about 6 weeks into school that things were far from great. I knew in an instant I made the WRONG choice and hadn't listened to my heart or to God. We made it through the year but had decided by the 2nd semester we would be making a change this year.

We really did pray about what God would have us do. And it was then that we realized our reason for homeschooling had almost nothing to do with our public school experience. It had so much more to do with what kind of children we wanted to raise. Our goal as parents is to raise 3 kingdom minded, kingdom growing, love sharing followers of Jesus Christ! Having our children at home with us gives us more time to focus on Kingdom mindedness ( ok is that a word?) and they would of course have far less influence from negative sources. We really feel like we have made the right choice for our family. And the peace that fills our school room is proof that we are doing just as God wants us to do.

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