Saturday, April 23, 2011


Ok I know we are not the only Christan family in the US that doesn't do the Easter Bunny...Are we? And why for the first time EVER did I feel like my kids were missing out on something? Ok back "history" for those of you who don't know us...

There was a time when Michael and I didn't see eye to eye on this whole religion thing. Not that he was against it but kind of thought God was out to get him ( that is a post for another day). So I was alone in that boat trying to lead 2 children in the way they should go. Long and short...Michael gets saved and well we sell out for Jesus...He did a wonderful work in us therefore deserving all the glory and credit. So when we decided to change our ways we decided to change up how we did Easter. Not that the bunny had ever been a huge deal but you know. So we decided no over the top baskets, no commercialism and NO BUNNY! Yeap I said it we did it!

We don't do the bunny. We make all the focus of that time of year be on Jesus and what He did for us. Yes before you flood my inbox we do baskets SMALL candy and some sort of devotional, book or you know the sorts. Like this year Duece is receiving a Bible, Jesse a worship cd and well Cooper is getting Color Wonder from crayola since he is way too young for a Bible and we have enough devotions and story books for his age group to start a toddler library. And our take on the egg thing is that when we decide to take up our cross and follow Jesus we become a new life. The egg for us is a symbol of the new creation we are in Him.

I digress...

We have always been happy with that choice. But for some reason as Cooper brought home coloring pages of sweet bunnies from his preschool and talked of Peter Cottontail I couldn't help but wonder...Are they missing out on something? Or have I actually done a good thing by focusing on the real reason we celebrate which is of course the empty tomb!

All my concern was put to rest as my sweet 2 year old crawled in my lap and told me that " Jesus hung high on a cross, got blood ( I think he means bled), and died." I asked him why Jesus did this and his answer was "He loves Cooker ( this is how he says his own name) and so I can go to heaven with Nonnie and Daddys Pawpaw!" Ok case closed...Jesus loves me, I love Jesus, and so do my kids!

Sunday is coming!

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