Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Weight Loss

One topic I don't usually touch here at the McClendon Madness is...Weight Loss! But I guess it is going to be touched on some now. I had some blood work done several weeks ago and went Friday to get the results. Most of it was normal but for my age my cholesterol was too high and well my hormones (the real reason for the test) were really out of whack. And while you may not think weight and hormones go together...they do! My BMI is way too high, I feel like crap most of the time, and I am no longer ovulating. So along with hormones to try to jump start the later I was strongly advised to drop some pounds. And while this was nothing new to me I was faced with it head on as something I now HAVE to do. So here's my plan and I am telling all of you (AKA the world) so I can/have to be accountable for what I am doing. My first step was joining the gym, I have to start moving around more I was way more sedentary than I had imagined. And for now I am eating the same just smaller portions. I want to do a total pantry over haul but I have to make food changes as money allows and since I have a full pantry I can't justify trashing it all. I also joined here to help me keep a log of my calories and how much moving I am actually doing. I feel like I am off to a great start! After logging the past 3 days on my counter I found while I was staying in my recommended 2000 calories I wasn't getting enough protein and was getting way too many carbs never mind if they are good or bad! I have some how talked a friend into joining me at the gym and we have been going every day and believe it or not I am still walking at least a mile a day in addition. I don't know if any of it will pay off but here is to hoping! I still have a long way to go but I am proud that I at least have started. I have alot to work on since I tend to be an emotional eater. But I am putting this one in God's hands and I will keep you posted and tell you what is and isn't working for me.

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