Thursday, March 3, 2011

Organize Your Life

A couple weeks ago I posted about how I was joining my friend Lindsey to "Organize My Life". I haven't blogged much about it but I am on track to doing so. So far I have organized my calender, planner, sewing closet, Cooper's bedroom, all 3 kiddos closets, under my bathroom sink, Jesse's bathroom and her bedroom. I have been "busy" doing so! Well today is all about the cleaning schedule. And well I have tried several over the years and I have longed for one that would work for me because I have to admit I do general pick up and cleaning everyday but my laundry is always piled high and deep cleaning is often neglected:( So I am taking my cue from Lindsey and breaking it up day by day and I am going to see if that helps...maybe just maybe between my own schedule and the kids chore charts (which I might have to post on later) I will now be able to stay on top of things. Below is my new cleaning schedule...I promise a cleaning schedule update next week!

Monday: Living Room and Kitchen/Dining Room

Tuesday: Master Bedroom and Laundry Room

Wednesday: Bathrooms and change sheets (whole house)

Thursday: Catch up laundry, Dust Children’s bedrooms and vacuum

Friday: Catch up day-This will be the day that I finish up anything that I may not have been able to do during the week before the weekend. My hope is to have done everything during the week and really use this as my sewing day!

I plan to do 2 loads of laundry every day no matter what. Also, my older 2 children clean their own rooms but I will have to clean Cooper's with his help but it very well could find a permanent home on my schedule:) Also, not listed are things that are done every day such as general cleaning!

My #1 cleaning tip is...I always use Scrubbing Bubbles and A Mr.Clean Magic Eraser to clean my bath tub. Spray on the cleaner let it sit and you will literally be able to wipe off the dirt and grime leaving only a good rinse needed!

Come back next week to see if I have been able to make this new plan really work:)

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