Wednesday, March 9, 2011

40 Days or forever...

Today is/was Ash Wednesday marking the beginning of the 40 days (not counting Sundays) before Resurection Sunday. I LOVE this time of year...I love how we slow down a little and really look at ourselves from within. I always make a point to be extra honest with myself and God but I really make an extra effort this time of year. I mean we are talking about the ultimate in love God hung his only son on a cross to pay for my sin...Do you even realize how huge that is? I have to admit I honestly don't. As a parent I kind of get it as I can't imagine nor would I want to what it would be like to hang my only child on that cross and as a parent of multiple children I sure can't imagine choosing one of them to die for the others. But that is exactly what Jesus did for us! As our pastor impositioned the ashes upon my forehead I said thank you and I love you to Jesus. My price is paid and I am humble, broken and grateful!

Most every year I have given up something during my Lenten observance. I normally try to take up something that brings me closer to God. This year my family decided to give up something as a family. We are giving up T.V between the hours of 7 and 8 pm. We don't watch alot of TV around here but during that time we do...Michael likes to relax that way after work and we "spend" time together watching TV at this time. We are giving that up to have more time for our family devotional and just being together. It is important for us to spend more time as a family since Michael's new job has insane hours. I am not sure if any of my family member would agree but if we can do this for 40 days I think we should do it forever!

I am the only person in my family giving something else up in addition to TV. I with a heavy heart that I need Divine wisdom and revelation on (before Satan drives me crazy with his lies!) I have decided to have a day of prayer and fasting every week. In addition to my normal prayer time. I have yet to decided what day it will be but I can promise you one thing I will let nothing stand in my way...I am seeking the above and know exactly where to find answers....In the arms of my Jesus.

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